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Ticha Basketball Camp - Lisbon or Figueira da Foz? You choose!
1st December 2012
For girls and boys between 6 and 18 years on the technical coordination of Ricardo Vasconcelos (Women's National Team Coach).
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Ticha Retires on Sky Fan Appreciation Night
25th September 2012
After a storied 15 year career filled with jaw-dropping passes, Ticha Penicheiro decided to retire from the hardwood at the conclusion of the 2012 season.
Chicago Sky
Ticha Penicheiro to retire after celebrated 15 year WNBA career
24th September 2012
Known for her style and charisma both on and off the court, Penicheiro set the bar tremendously high for point guards in the WNBA.
Chigago Sky
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Hello World! My name is Ticha,
Ticha Penicheiro :)


Hi everybody and welcome to my official web page. Do you guys even know that my "real" name is Patrícia Nunes Penicheiro? But please continue to call me TICHA! :) I was born in Figueira da Foz, Portugal on September 18th of 1974, around 10.40 pm!
My father, Joao Penicheiro, and my brother, Paulo Penicheiro, introduced me to the game of basketball at the tender age of 6, and it was love at first sight!!

I remember following my brother around everywhere, so I could play with him and his friends. Most of the time I was the only girl in the playground where it was hard to be accepted. Slowly they would let me play and soon I would be the first player to be picked!
As I was growing up, I started to develop the desire to fly across the world and come to the United States to a university. I wanted to develop as a player and grow as a woman.

I was offered a scholarship from Old Dominion University and in 1994 I arrived in Norfolk, VA. I had 4 amazing years in college, winning 4 CAA championships and going to the NCAA championship game in 1997. In 1998 I was picked by the Sacramento Monarchs, of the WNBA, as the second overall pick, and I had 12 amazing seasons playing for the Monarchs. In 2005 we won the WNBA championship in front of our fans, and 'til this day that is by far the best memory of my career. Unfortunately in 2009 the team folded and I moved to Southern California to play for the LA Sparks, where I still am now, fighting for new memories, for another WNBA championship.



Figueira da Foz

High School
Figueira da Foz
Rio Maior

ISLA in Santarém
Old Dominion in U.S.A. (Communication Major)


6 years old

11 years old at Ginásio Club Figueirense

National Team
101 official games witn the Portuguese Team starting at age 16

23 years old

Magic Johnson recognized me and said: "You're Lady Magic!"

Confrade de Honra in 2009
Confraria Gastronómica do Arroz e do MAR

Tribute in 2007
Câmara Municipal de Lagoa e Clube Operário Desportivo (Açores)

Euroleague Champion in 2007

Atleta Português no Estrangeiro in 2006
Associação dos Jornalistas do Desporto

Globo de Ouro Melhor Desportista in 2006

Hall of Fame Members in 2006
Old Dominion University
More Awards
2005 WNBA Champion!
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Chicago Sky
Galatasaray Medical Park
Los Angeles Sparks
Sport Algés e Dafundo
Runner-up for the Portuguese Cup
Runner-up for the Federation Cup
4th in Regular Season
Play-Off (3-0/0-3)
Los Angeles Sparks
4th in Western Conference
Play Off (0-2)
1st in Assists
Liomatic Umbertide
8th in Regular Season
Play Off (0-2)
Sacramento Monarchs
6th in Western Conference
2nd in Assists
Bracco Geas San Giovanni
6th in Regular Season
Play Off (0-2)
1st in Assists
1st in Steals
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All-time WNBA assists and steals leader! Can you beat this?
    Regular Season
Play Off All Star Max per Game
  Euroleague National Championships  University Championships
Games   401 43 4 -   105 227   133
Minutes (%)
  11,747 (29,3) 1,193 (27,7) 87 (22) 48   3,177 (30,3) 6,815 (30,0)   3,937 (29,6)
L2 (%)
  658/1782 (36,9) 62/191 (32,5) 2/6 (33,3) 9   201/490 (42,9) 442/1019 (43,4)   397/829 (47,9)
L3 (%)   110/465 (23,7) 21/73 (28,8) 0/2 (0) 3   48/170 (28,2) 103/340 (30,3)   78/247 (31,6)
LL (%)
  863/1188 (72,6) 62/83 (74,7) 3/6 (50) 12   272/341 (79,8) 561/738 (76,0)   280/446 (62,8)
REB (%)
  1,372 (3,4) 133 (3,1) 6 (1,5) 14   471 (4,5) 986 (4,3)   630 (4,7)
ASST (%)
  2,398 (6) 204 (4,7) 14 (3,5) 16   460 (4,4) 1011 (4,5)   939 (7,1)
STL (%)
  728 (1,8) 65 (1,5) 5 (1,2) 10   240 (2,3) 598 (2,6)   591 (4,4)
TO (%)
  1,025 (2,6) 89 (2,1) 17 (4,2) -   278 (2,6) 546 (2,4)   540 (4,1)
PTS (%)
  2,509 (6,3) 249 (5,8) 7 (1,8) 27  836 (8) 1,754 (7,7)   1,304 (9,8)
MVP   10,6 8,4 1,5 -   11,9 12,9   15,9
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Ticha Penicheiro's Basketball Camps
Beyond the opportunity to meet new friends and play with other boys and girls of your age, you can learn the key techniques of basketball, like shooting, dribbling, passing and team playing. This is a unique opportunity to play along with Ticha Penicheiro, ask her questions, take an individual photo or ask for an autograph. Besides, you'll receive several gifts like t-shirts, basket balls, sneakers and autographed photos. We also guarantee lots of fun, joy and smiles!
Canine Companions for Independence
As a dog lover, I felt this was a great cause to support. CCI (Canine Companion for Independence) is an organization that trains dogs (mostly Labs and Golden Retrievers) to assist people with disabilities, free of charge. When I met Laura Allen (CCI puppy raiser), in 2003, our love for dogs brought as together and has kept us together as she still is one of my best friends. Through her, I have followed up close, the phenomenal job that volunteers like her provide to CCI and the people they assist.
Susan G. Komen was a woman that suffered and died from breast cancer. Her sister founded the organization in the early 80s as a part of a promise to speed up the cancer treatment process. Today it’s one of the most widely known charities in the United States, and I’m going to tell you why.
Special Olympics proves that people of all backgrounds, cultures, races and ages can work together peaceably to celebrate what we have in common and to focus on those in need. Throughout our 40-year history, athletes with intellectual disabilities have come together to compete, even when they represent nations or areas that have been divided.
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